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Hello 2019!

Happy new year 2019!

Unbelievable! we already pass a week in 2019. Don’t you get anxy or start biting your nails because you don’t feel young anymore? You’re getting older, and you start panicking about your future ‘cause you’re not have any plan for your future?

Don’t worry peeps, because that happened to me too! Phewww!

But luckily I have some a sort of “survival kit” to get rid all that thoughts and it has been proofed by myself many years ago, I’m glad to share this “survival kit” to y’all! So first, let me tell you about anything that I do every time when new year comes, then I will share my survival tips to create realistic plan for the next year, wait... did ya think it sounds a bit too ambitious? 

Well, I believe people may have different "tradition" to celebrate or to welcome the new year or maybe not. But, for me, new year is a very good timing to recharge and to contemplate on what you have done before and create a plan about what you can improve in the next year.

I have been doing three things as a "tradition" to end the current year and welcoming the new year. Firstly, I read a letter from myself from the last year; Secondly, I write a letter to myself to be opened at the end of the next year; and Thirdly, I draw a dream line of a year plan and stick it beside my mirror in my bedroom so I can see it everyday. However, some people might think that my tradition is old-fashioned or childish. But actually I found it very useful in many ways. It reminds you what are your resolutions, goals, and dreams last year and it gives you a comparison of your goals vs your actual achievement. In addition, it pushes you to design your own future by figuring out your purpose and priority in the next year, which maybe will lead you to the better version of yourself. Surprisingly, most of the things I wrote down and stick it on my wall were accomplished.

Next, what kind of letter? What kind of dream line?

I need to say this. So, there is no rigid formula for creating a plan (the letter and the dream line). It's all depends on your priority and dreams. And the success of the plan is based on your determination and discipline.

However, the letter is written to yourself and it generally consists of your honest idea and dreams about what kind of people you are in the next year. It can say about what will be your achievement on your education, work, relationship, or new skills by the end of the year. It an also say the amount of your reduced body weight after routine exercises. It can say about that you have finished reading three books that you will always want to read. Or it can tell about how many destinations that you traveled during the year. It can be anything that makes you a better version of yourself by the end of the year. For example, on 31 Dec 2017 I wrote a letter to myself about I need to finish my master degree in 2018 with Merit as my degree achievement; I got the new job in the consultancy; and I traveled at least 10 cities around UK and Europe. So, when I open it on 31 Dec 2018, I can compare what I have planned last year vs my actual achievements. It will surprised you, put a smile on your face and give you more sparks to start a new journey in the next year.

Besides, after you wrote the letter to yourself, you need to create a 'dream line' so you can track your plan and be reminded. It really as simple as draw a horizontal line in the middle of A3 paper and divide the line into the checkpoints or milestone that you decided. At the bottom of every milestone, you should put the "to-do list" to achieve those milestones. For example, on the August 2018 I put "LSE Dissertation is submitted" as the milestone. So, under that milestone, I put the to-do list that help me to achieve that such as: find contact of Pemkot Bandung as my research destination; Learn SPSS statistic; Utilise at maximum the supervisor dissertation consultation schedules; and make a writing plan. By doing that, you can be reminded on those milestones that you want to achieve. 

From my experiences, I found that simplicity is the best thing to design your future. In the past, I pretty much have had heavier, unrealistic, and unflexible plan that made me even more stressful and gave me no significant achievement. As the years passed, I recreate how I create my plan. So, that is how I live my tradition in these past 5 years (of course with some improvement in every years until I come up with this 'formula').

Happy creating your own plan!