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Hello 2019!

Happy new year 2019!

Unbelievable! we already pass a week in 2019. Don’t you get anxy or start biting your nails because you don’t feel young anymore? You’re getting older, and you start panicking about your future ‘cause you’re not have any plan for your future?

Don’t worry peeps, because that happened to me too! Phewww!

But luckily I have some a sort of “survival kit” to get rid all that thoughts and it has been proofed by myself many years ago, I’m glad to share this “survival kit” to y’all! So first, let me tell you about anything that I do every time when new year comes, then I will share my survival tips to create realistic plan for the next year, wait... did ya think it sounds a bit too ambitious? 

Well, I believe people may have different "tradition" to celebrate or to welcome the new year or maybe not. But, for me, new year is a very good timing to recharge and to contemplate on what you have done before and create a plan about what you can improve in the next year.

I h…
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A dog also feels!


Yesterday I was strolling on the "Garda Satwa" Instagram account and found a dog named Lilo who was very ill. He looks very weak and uncomfortable. He is a cute husky dog who was rejected by the owner two times. The first rejection is by real owner and the second by the adopter from the shelter. The Instagram account did not reveal why Lilo can be rejected two times, either because he is ill or because he is not behaving well? But the thing is, a dog also feels. He knows when he is loved or abandoned. Lilo feels very down because of the rejection and he does not want to eat. He rejects the food, he does not feel energised like the other dog, and he feels lonely. Afterwards, the Garda Satwa Team was brought by Lilo to the doctor and Lilo gets infused. He is so weak because his kidney is not functioning well plus he felt that he is not being loved in the world. In the one of the Instagram video that posted by the Garda Satwa, on of the guardians said "If Lilo recov…

Perubahan Skema Pensiun PNS, Peningkatan Kesejahteraan?

Pada awal bulan Maret, Menteri Pendayagunaan Aparatur Negara dan Reformasi Birokrasi, Asman Abnur, mengumumkan bahwa skema pensiun untuk pegawai negeri sipil (PNS) akan diubah.Skema pengelolaan pay-as-you-go (PAYG) yang telah dipakai selama ini, akan digantikan dengan skema fully-funded. Lalu bagaimana perubahan yang akan terjadi dari skema yang baru ini? Bertolak pada UU nomor 11 tahun 1969 tentang Pensiun Pegawai dan Pensiun Janda atau Duda Pegawai, kita dapat cermati skema PAYG yang telah dipakai pemerintah selama ini. Skema PAYG menjamin seorang pensiunan PNS akan mendapatkan presentase dana sebesar 75% dari gaji pokok terakhir untuk setiap bulannya dengan menyisihkan iuran dana pensiun sebesar 4.75% dari gaji pokok semasa bekerja (diluar tabungan hari tua – THT- sebesar 3.25% dari gaji pokok yang diberikan secara tunai pada saat PNS memasuki masa pensiun). Namun skema PAYG ini memiliki kendala pada APBN, pasalnya iuran sebesar 4.75% yang disisihkan seorang PNS dari gaji di masa ke…

Baby, I'm at Rome! (Part 1)

Hello guys! 
How are you doing? I wishing all of you a happy easter break! For me, the lent term at LSE just over by end of March. Meaning that I have 1 month holiday before the summer term that will begin on 23rd of April. 
Since a month ago, me and my friends (Jordy, Faris, Awatif, and Hilda) has discussed about our holiday destination! Since we are a group of scholars who wants to explore the world with tight budget, we really careful while planning our trip. After discussed it together, we decided to visit Italy for a week. I'm so excited! We know that Italy is one of the most visited country in Europe. It is not only because of the ancient building, but also about the nature, history and culture, warm vibes, and food! Initialy, we plan to visit 4 cities, but turned out we visited 6 cities (and town). We started with Rome, Vatican, Florence, Pisa, Milan, and Bellagio. In this post, I will share with you our travel pictures in each cities with a little description to guide you…

About Me

Hello guys,

Welcome to my personal website. My name is Finka. Currently, I have been studied MSc in Human Resources and Organisations at LSE, London, UK. 

Lately, I found writing is the best therapy for relaxing my mind and soul, also to exercising your thoughts. So, I am a part-time blogger who has passion in people development (both Human Resources and Organisation Development), traveling, photography (especially capturing moment and beautiful landscape), and couple of sports (badminton and archery). I am now trying to make myself comfortable to run. I sometimes still find other things which is worth to try. This website will provided you with various of those dimensions.

Oh, I wrote by my moods. Meaning that sometimes I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia and sometimes in English. So, please tell me if you want me to the the translation.   

If you have any question, you can always contact me through below platforms:

email        :
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