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Baby, I'm at Rome! (Part 1)

Hello guys! 
How are you doing? I wishing all of you a happy easter break! For me, the lent term at LSE just over by end of March. Meaning that I have 1 month holiday before the summer term that will begin on 23rd of April. 
Since a month ago, me and my friends (Jordy, Faris, Awatif, and Hilda) has discussed about our holiday destination! Since we are a group of scholars who wants to explore the world with tight budget, we really careful while planning our trip. After discussed it together, we decided to visit Italy for a week. I'm so excited! We know that Italy is one of the most visited country in Europe. It is not only because of the ancient building, but also about the nature, history and culture, warm vibes, and food! Initialy, we plan to visit 4 cities, but turned out we visited 6 cities (and town). We started with Rome, Vatican, Florence, Pisa, Milan, and Bellagio. In this post, I will share with you our travel pictures in each cities with a little description to guide you…
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Soundtrack "Cek Toko Sebelah"

Last weekend in London, our Indonesian friend held an event to watch "Cek Toko Sebelah" movie together. One thing that really impressed me is the soundtrack by TheOvertunes, "I Still Love You", here's the lyric;

If someday your finger can't touch the ground
If someday your arms can't feel my touch
If someday your eyes can't see my face
I'll carry you be there for you anytime of day
Forever is a long time but I keep my words that I save to you
Together we can go far as long as I'm with you
Cause I will fall for you no matter what they say, I still love you I still love you
You'll never be alone look me in the eyes, I still love you I still love you
Till forever If oneday you don't regonized my voice
If oneday seems so hard to breath
I promise you to give my all
Like you do from the day I start to see
Forever is a long time but I keep my words that I save to you
Together we can go far as long as you are with me
Cause I will fall for yo…

Two days before new year 2018


It's two days before the new year 2018. The reflection I am going to share will be very personal.

I can say that 2017 is like a wasabi. It's just okay at the beginning, but it boom at the last. Just like my story. I was opened year 2017 with new optimism, hope, and spirit. Mostly, because I have granted a scholarship and the school for master degree. I'm cooling down myself on 2017 because my biggest dream is about to realize. I thought I was not doing something incredible during the year. I just preparing for my master by familiarizing with the information about living in London, studying at the LSE, and preparing the left administration, and active in a community called "Berbeda itu Biasa". At work, I also a bit chill because I know that I am going to be resigned. But actually, I have thought that I may find another job because 2016 project work was just very exhausting. I want to have a more humanize and meaningful office life experiences before I go…

About Me

Hello guys,

Welcome to my personal website. My name is Finka. Currently, I have been studied MSc in Human Resources and Organisations at LSE, London, UK. 

Lately, I found writing is the best therapy for relaxing my mind and soul, also to exercising your thoughts. So, I am a part-time blogger who has passion in people development (both Human Resources and Organisation Development), traveling, photography (especially capturing moment and beautiful landscape), and couple of sports (badminton and archery). I am now trying to make myself comfortable to run. I sometimes still find other things which is worth to try. This website will provided you with various of those dimensions.

Oh, I wrote by my moods. Meaning that sometimes I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia and sometimes in English. So, please tell me if you want me to the the translation.   

If you have any question, you can always contact me through below platforms:

email        :
FB            : h…

Bath the Calm City

Seperti kata-kata populer dari Jane Austen: "Oh! Siapa yang pernah lelah dengan Bath?" atau quotes aslinya "Oh! Who can be ever tired of Bath?". Begitu juga dengan saya. Selama tinggal di UK 3 bulan ini, saya sudah 2 kali ke Bath. Pertama, saya ikut guided student tour menuju ke Stonehenge dan Bath. Saat itu saya hanya punya waktu kurang dari 3 jam di Bath dan saya merasa sangat kurang, karena saya jatuh cinta dengan kota itu. Akhirnya saya putuskan kembali ke Bath untuk kedua kalinya. Kali itu saya menggunakan beberapa hari dari reading week (biasanya di week 6, yaitu 1 minggu full tidak ada kelas, student diharapkan belajar mandiri).  Di kali kedua, saya habiskan 3 hari disana dan saya menginap di tempat salah satu adik kelas favorit saya waktu SMA yang sedang melanjutkan master di University of Bath. Lalu, kenapa sih bisa jatuh cinta sama kota Bath? Kota Bath ini letaknya tidak jauh dari London. Kira-kira 2,5 jam apabila naik bus dari Victoria Coach Station, Lo…